A Tooth with Fractured Enamel Might Need to Be Repaired with a Crown

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Tooth enamel is designed to give your teeth the strength to bite and chew common foods. However, there are still times when something like a blow to the face or grinding your teeth at night can fracture a tooth. This can impair the function and appearance of the tooth and even cause issues with heightened sensitivity. If the fracture is too large for your dentists, Drs. Petchalonis and Balasubramanian, to repair it with a filling, they might recommend a dental crown in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

Drs. Petchalonis and Balasubramanian will start by examining the tooth and taking some X-rays. Assuming the interior structures of the tooth are sound and healthy, they can begin the process of forming an abutment.

Drs. Petachalonis and Balasubramanian will then use a drill to remove the majority of the enamel layer of the tooth, leaving the healthy interior of the tooth completely unaffected. This abutment will later anchor the crown firmly in your mouth.

At the end of the appointment, they will make an impression of the abutment and surrounding teeth. The abutment will then be covered by a hard, plastic cap, which is known as a temporary crown. The impression will be sent off to a dental lab technician who will custom make your new crown.

We will call you back in for a short second appointment when your crown is completed. Then, our dentists will remove the temporary crown and cement your new crown into place over the abutment.

If you have a tooth suffering from a fracture, you should call 215-732-3350 to seek treatment and repair at Petchalonis Dental & Associates.