Dental Exams: What to Expect

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Has it been awhile since you’ve visited a dentist? Are you delaying making an appointment because you just don’t know what to expect? Today we would like to help put you at ease by dispelling the uncertainty that may reside within you.

What happens in a dental visit?
We would like to know your health history so we can have a better idea of how to care for you and your teeth. We may ask you if there have been any changes to your medications or health conditions so that we can provide you with the most suitable care.

Most dental visits you’ll have will probably be checkups to prevent major problems from developing. A hygienist will likely perform a thorough cleaning in which plaque and tartar will be removed from below your gum line. One of our dentists can then perform the examination to look for signs of disease or decay. The goal is to prevent any problems from becoming worse and to maintain your health.

Depending on your symptoms, age or risk of disease, our dentists may recommend that you have some x-rays done. X-rays can help our dentists diagnose problems that could otherwise be unseen like decay between the teeth, damage to jawbones, impacted teeth etc. Modern x-ray machines can emit very little radiation; you could get more from a weekend in the sun. However, to be safe, you should wear a dental apron. If you know you are pregnant, you should let us know.

We recommend that you get a checkup every six months to help prevent major problems. If you live in the Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, area and would like to make an appointment with Drs. Petchalonis or Balasubramanian, please call Petchalonis Dental & Associates at 215-732-3350 today.