Do You Floss Your Teeth Correctly?

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Do you floss your teeth correctly? Did you know that even missing a single tooth each time you floss can still be catastrophic for your oral health, as even the smallest amount of plaque buildup can put your teeth and gums at risk? Because of this, it is important to always clean around each and every tooth making sure not to miss any areas.

When flossing, start with a brand or product that is shred resistant and won’t fray during use. If a floss begins to fray, it may not be able to function as well as it should. For product recommendations, look for the American Dental Association’s Seal of Acceptance or speak with your dentist.

After finding the right floss, always use a strand that is roughly 18 inches in length. This ensures every tooth can be cleaned with a different section of the thread. To avoid contamination, never use the same section of the thread more than once. To accomplish this, wrap the floss around one finger on each hand so that you can easily slide up and down the strand as necessary. When finished for the day with your flossing session, which should take approximately 2 to 3 minutes, dispose of the thread, and use a new strand each additional day.

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