How Dental Crowns Protect Teeth

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If you have a chomper that needs covering, a dental crown is the way to do it: oral crowns, which are prosthetic oral apparatuses, cover teeth for restorative purposes. Crowns are often used when a cavity portends the wellbeing of a tooth, but there are other reasons why our dentist might endorse them. Here are a few of them:

-Using dental crowns is often necessary when installing oral implants.

-Crowns can be useful when replacing fillings.

-Protecting (or repairing) your teeth from splitting might necessitate dental crowns.

-Crowns might improve the look of your teeth.

-We may be able to protect sensitive or exposed chompers with oral crowns.

To crown your tooth or pearly whites, Dr. Anthony Petchalonis will create an impression of your chompers to fashion a mold from. The mold will be utilized to create the dental crown, and (after some groundwork) we will cover your tooth with the crown.

At Petchalonis Dental & Associates we’re experienced in applying dental crowns for our patients. Our many years of practice can help you have a strong, healthy smile that you can be proud of. Please give 215-732-3350 a call now to pencil in an appointment with our staff in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.